Going Viral


This week in lab I did CSS coding. It was interesting to learn a different kind of coding, and I enjoyed this exercise. I like CSS coding better than HTML because in this process the coder is responsible for picking out the design of the website. I can chose text colors, page backgrounds, and many more special features. It is simple to put in the different codes and exciting to watch these codes come to life.


In today’s time videos and blogs go viral daily. It is not uncommon for a video of kittens in a jar to go viral on Facebook. When a message goes viral, that simply means it is viewed by a large audience across the globe.

The field of communication contributes to my understanding of viral media. I have learned that people from across the world can be united by a simple Buzz Feed article. There are a few factors that are common in most written documents that go viral.

  1. It is positive, dwelling on positive issues or topics.
  2. It evoked a strong emotional reaction (joy, fear, anger).
  3. It was practically useful.

The information above was found in the article “A Scientific Take on Viral Marketing” by Gregory Ciotti. It is important to note that the information must be on current issues. Also, most readers respond better to positive news.

An understanding of virality will definitely help someone with a career in Communications. If one has a clear understand of what it takes to make an article go viral, this could do great things for the company. It would be extremely helpful if the employee could write in such a way that the article goes viral, and as a result an interest in the company increases.


Article: https://www.helpscout.net/blog/viral-marketing/

Image: https://cldn0.fiverrcdn.com/fiverr/t_main1/gigs/35849605/original/34599127fbf4c85a3722359347eaed117874dc98.png


Internet Privacy

This Week in Lab:

This week in lab I continued working on my HTML project. We are now getting into the actual design of the HTML text, and this is very interesting. I can now change the color, font, and size of text using various HTML codes.

Internet Issues:

One of the major problems with today’s media is the lack of privacy. The internet can keep track of every site you visit, and some people are unhappy with this. Also, it is becoming harder to keep hackers out of personal accounts.

I believe these issues will make my career easier. While the lack of privacy is an issue, it is actually a benefit to those in the business world. I will have the ability to look up future employers. Also, I can keep track of the number of visitors to my website, and where they came from. This information is helpful in determining the success of a marketing campaign.

The issue of privacy is important and should be recognized. The article “Three Essential Steps to Make Yourself More Hack-Proof” by Mat Honan offers three tips on keeping your accounts safe.

These tips include:

  1. Do not reuse passwords– while it is tempting to have a single password for different accounts, this action is dangerous and makes your account subject to be hacked.
  1. Set up two-factor authentication– it only takes a moment to set up, and this tip will make it nearly impossible for a hacker to gain access to your account.
  1. Use a password manager– this site will help you create and keep track of good passwords.
Delete cookies?

The internet tracks using Cookies

Changes in privacy:

I think changes in the way we view privacy has implications for public discourse. A democratic country is one that is governed by the elected leaders. Therefore, I think that this issue of privacy will be debated by the leaders of the nation, and new laws will be put into place.



Fall Break

Fall Break:

I did not have any wonderful plans for fall break this year. I worked Thursday and Friday as usual, but it was very nice to be out of school. My fall break did not really begin until Sunday, when I went shopping. My mom and I went to the mall, because the “new and improved” Belk’s has reopened. It was a little disappointing, because it still looks like Sears on the inside. However, they were having a big sale and we definitely did some major shopping!

Image result for new belk mobile al bel air mall


This week I am helping my little sister make treats for her class. I spent a long time looking on different websites for a fall treat that would be easy to make twenty kids. After many different suggestions it was decided that we would make Rice Krispie Treats. I found the cutest recipe on Pinterest for us to make after school today.

Pumpkin Rice Krispie Treats- Super fun Halloween snack or treat. Perfect for parties.:

These treats take Rice Krispie cereal, butter, marshmallows, and food coloring. The steps are very simple and are listed below:

  1. Put yellow and red food coloring in batter to make the Rice Krispie Treats orange
  2. Roll treats into a ball
  3. Place a tootsie roll in the top, while warm, to look like a stem
  4. Place a piece of a fruit roll up on the side, to look like a leaf
  5. Let cool, and these treats should look like little pumpkins!


I am sad fall break ended so quickly. However, the semester is flying by! I cannot believe that next semester I will be a senior.


Belk Image: https://www.google.com/search?q=new+belk+mobile+al+bel+air+mall&rlz

Image and Recipe: http://cincyshopper.com/pumpkin-rice-krispie-treats/

Web Design

Lab Reflection:

In last week’s lab a guest speaker came to my class. She works directly on the University of South Alabama’s website. I did not realize how meticulous a job like that would be. She showed us a page she was redesigning, and pointed out one of the words was not aligned correctly. She talked about the importance of providing the university with a consistent brand image as well.

Web Design Training:

After looking at all of the different web design options, I decided the W3Schools would be the most useful. In CA 260 I have done a lot of HTML coding and I have consistently used the W3Schools website, because it is easy to use. Also, this website lets you test your HTML code to make sure you are doing it correctly. This feature is very helpful, and I am able to correct my own mistakes with this website.

web design training

W3School Website

The article, “Web design training: the top 22 online resources”, by Kerrie Hughes listed many sites I was unfamiliar with. I perused each, but I still find W3Schools site the most useful. While I agree with Kerrie Hughes that the site is a little dull, I find the content and resources outweigh the beauty of the site (Hughes 2014).

CA: 260 Online:

I think CA 260 would be an excellent online class. I would enjoy it more, because the content could be taught differently online. I find it better to use online resources for the HTML coding. It is easier for me to work at my own pace, and I think I would get more out of this course if it was strictly online. This would help students to rely solely on the HTML coding tips online.




CA: 260 Content Management System

CA:260 Lab:

This week in lab, my class discussed online video streaming sites. After comparing many different ones, it became apparent that YouTube was the best. This site is constantly updated and it looks very professional. Also, it is the most popular video streaming site, and it is trusted by users across the world.

In lab we also learned how to embed a YouTube video into our HTML code. This is a very useful tool for any website. I now have the ability to create a YouTube video and place the video directly into my website. We also learned how to embed audio files, which is another useful skill.

CMS Recommendation:

After reading Tiwari’s article, watching a video, and perusing the web pages in the resources tab I am still convinced that WordPress is the best choice for a local business planning to build a website. This site is:

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Has 2,176 themes and 28,593 plugins available on the official website (Tiwari 2014)
  • Most popular
  • User friendly

These are not the only factors that persuaded me to choose WordPress. The company I am creating the website for is small and local. Therefore, a complex website is unnecessary, and WordPress is very budget friendly. Personally, I am a huge fan of WordPress. I have two blogs on this site, and I find it simple and easy to use. Also, this site is popular, and my blogs get more views as a result.


While other CMS websites are out there, such as Joomla and Drupla, I would recommend WordPress for any small business looking to create a website.

Image result for wordpress




Emails made Easy

CA: 260 Labs

This week in CA: 260 I worked on my HTML coding. I am getting more comfortable with coding, but it is still challenging. After many attempts, I finally figured out how to add an image to my code.

Gmail Filters

I recently set up a filter on my JagMail account. I created a filter that tags every post with the phrase “CA: 260” in it. I chose this filter, because I am constantly looking through old emails trying to find specific items. The filter process made this much easier, because it put all of my CA: 260 emails on one page, making it easy to find all of them.

I will no longer have to sort through countless emails looking for a specific one. I will be using filters in my everyday life, because it is simple and useful. I have listed below the steps I took to creating a filter on a Gmail account. This information was retrieved from the Gmail help forum at: (https://support.google.com/mail/answer/6579?hl=en.)

Filter Steps:

  1. Click the down arrow on the search box.
  2. Enter any information that will help you sort your emails better
    1. You can make your filter as detailed as you want, so take advantage of this tool
  3. Simply press Create filter with this search
  4. More options will appear that you can choose between
  5. Press Create filter and the changes will be saved

Professional Emails

I have listed below an email I would send to my instructor if I was going to leave lab early next week. This format is professional, and this is useful for students who are emailing their professors.


Dear, Professor Hossain

I am enjoying your CA: 260-703 Digital Writing and Production course. Unfortunately, I have a doctor’s appointment and will have to leave next week’s lab early. I would like to schedule an appointment with you to review the material I will miss. Please let me know if that is okay with you. I appreciate your help and dedication.

Kind Regards,

Madison Franklin

First day of FALL

FALL is here!!

The official first day of fall has passed… and it is still over 90 degrees outside. It’s hard to make pumpkin bread and wear boots, when you can still go swimming in October. However that has not stopped me from enjoying all things fall. This past week I have watched countless football games, made caramel apples, and pumpkin bread.


I’ll be completely honest with you; I am not a huge fan of football. I never know what is happening, and sometimes I can’t even find the football on the screen. My little brother has recently started playing football for Faith Academy, and I have been watching forty boys run around a field for an hour. While the game makes little sense to me, I still enjoy cheering on the Faith Academy Rams.

Displaying IMG_2115.JPG

Undefeated Faith Academy Rams


This weekend my boyfriend and I decided it was time to make caramel apples. After spending $20 on candy, caramel, and chocolate we were fairly well prepared. However, we did have trouble dipping the apple in the caramel and in the chocolate. Each apple has about a pound of caramel on it, and it is fairly hard to chew. The best part of making caramel apples is the toppings. We put trail mix, pecans, almonds, M&M’s, Reese’s Pieces, and chocolate chips on each apple.

Displaying IMG_2094.JPG

Caramel Apples

I also made pumpkin bread this week. I absolutely love anything and everything that is pumpkin flavored. I have attached the recipe that I used below, because it is SO simple. All you need is a pumpkin spice cake mix, pumpkin, and one egg. You simply mix these three ingredients together and have delicious pumpkin bread in thirty minutes!

Displaying IMG_2143.JPG

Pumpkin Bread made by yours truly:)


Recipe: http://theinspiredcollection.blogspot.com/2011/10/3-ingredient-pumpkin-cake.html