Internet Privacy

This Week in Lab:

This week in lab I continued working on my HTML project. We are now getting into the actual design of the HTML text, and this is very interesting. I can now change the color, font, and size of text using various HTML codes.

Internet Issues:

One of the major problems with today’s media is the lack of privacy. The internet can keep track of every site you visit, and some people are unhappy with this. Also, it is becoming harder to keep hackers out of personal accounts.

I believe these issues will make my career easier. While the lack of privacy is an issue, it is actually a benefit to those in the business world. I will have the ability to look up future employers. Also, I can keep track of the number of visitors to my website, and where they came from. This information is helpful in determining the success of a marketing campaign.

The issue of privacy is important and should be recognized. The article “Three Essential Steps to Make Yourself More Hack-Proof” by Mat Honan offers three tips on keeping your accounts safe.

These tips include:

  1. Do not reuse passwords– while it is tempting to have a single password for different accounts, this action is dangerous and makes your account subject to be hacked.
  1. Set up two-factor authentication– it only takes a moment to set up, and this tip will make it nearly impossible for a hacker to gain access to your account.
  1. Use a password manager– this site will help you create and keep track of good passwords.
Delete cookies?

The internet tracks using Cookies

Changes in privacy:

I think changes in the way we view privacy has implications for public discourse. A democratic country is one that is governed by the elected leaders. Therefore, I think that this issue of privacy will be debated by the leaders of the nation, and new laws will be put into place.




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