Web Design

Lab Reflection:

In last week’s lab a guest speaker came to my class. She works directly on the University of South Alabama’s website. I did not realize how meticulous a job like that would be. She showed us a page she was redesigning, and pointed out one of the words was not aligned correctly. She talked about the importance of providing the university with a consistent brand image as well.

Web Design Training:

After looking at all of the different web design options, I decided the W3Schools would be the most useful. In CA 260 I have done a lot of HTML coding and I have consistently used the W3Schools website, because it is easy to use. Also, this website lets you test your HTML code to make sure you are doing it correctly. This feature is very helpful, and I am able to correct my own mistakes with this website.

web design training

W3School Website

The article, “Web design training: the top 22 online resources”, by Kerrie Hughes listed many sites I was unfamiliar with. I perused each, but I still find W3Schools site the most useful. While I agree with Kerrie Hughes that the site is a little dull, I find the content and resources outweigh the beauty of the site (Hughes 2014).

CA: 260 Online:

I think CA 260 would be an excellent online class. I would enjoy it more, because the content could be taught differently online. I find it better to use online resources for the HTML coding. It is easier for me to work at my own pace, and I think I would get more out of this course if it was strictly online. This would help students to rely solely on the HTML coding tips online.





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