CA: 260 Content Management System

CA:260 Lab:

This week in lab, my class discussed online video streaming sites. After comparing many different ones, it became apparent that YouTube was the best. This site is constantly updated and it looks very professional. Also, it is the most popular video streaming site, and it is trusted by users across the world.

In lab we also learned how to embed a YouTube video into our HTML code. This is a very useful tool for any website. I now have the ability to create a YouTube video and place the video directly into my website. We also learned how to embed audio files, which is another useful skill.

CMS Recommendation:

After reading Tiwari’s article, watching a video, and perusing the web pages in the resources tab I am still convinced that WordPress is the best choice for a local business planning to build a website. This site is:

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Has 2,176 themes and 28,593 plugins available on the official website (Tiwari 2014)
  • Most popular
  • User friendly

These are not the only factors that persuaded me to choose WordPress. The company I am creating the website for is small and local. Therefore, a complex website is unnecessary, and WordPress is very budget friendly. Personally, I am a huge fan of WordPress. I have two blogs on this site, and I find it simple and easy to use. Also, this site is popular, and my blogs get more views as a result.


While other CMS websites are out there, such as Joomla and Drupla, I would recommend WordPress for any small business looking to create a website.

Image result for wordpress




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