First day of FALL

FALL is here!!

The official first day of fall has passed… and it is still over 90 degrees outside. It’s hard to make pumpkin bread and wear boots, when you can still go swimming in October. However that has not stopped me from enjoying all things fall. This past week I have watched countless football games, made caramel apples, and pumpkin bread.


I’ll be completely honest with you; I am not a huge fan of football. I never know what is happening, and sometimes I can’t even find the football on the screen. My little brother has recently started playing football for Faith Academy, and I have been watching forty boys run around a field for an hour. While the game makes little sense to me, I still enjoy cheering on the Faith Academy Rams.

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Undefeated Faith Academy Rams


This weekend my boyfriend and I decided it was time to make caramel apples. After spending $20 on candy, caramel, and chocolate we were fairly well prepared. However, we did have trouble dipping the apple in the caramel and in the chocolate. Each apple has about a pound of caramel on it, and it is fairly hard to chew. The best part of making caramel apples is the toppings. We put trail mix, pecans, almonds, M&M’s, Reese’s Pieces, and chocolate chips on each apple.

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Caramel Apples

I also made pumpkin bread this week. I absolutely love anything and everything that is pumpkin flavored. I have attached the recipe that I used below, because it is SO simple. All you need is a pumpkin spice cake mix, pumpkin, and one egg. You simply mix these three ingredients together and have delicious pumpkin bread in thirty minutes!

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Pumpkin Bread made by yours truly:)




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