Emails made Easy

CA: 260 Labs

This week in CA: 260 I worked on my HTML coding. I am getting more comfortable with coding, but it is still challenging. After many attempts, I finally figured out how to add an image to my code.

Gmail Filters

I recently set up a filter on my JagMail account. I created a filter that tags every post with the phrase “CA: 260” in it. I chose this filter, because I am constantly looking through old emails trying to find specific items. The filter process made this much easier, because it put all of my CA: 260 emails on one page, making it easy to find all of them.

I will no longer have to sort through countless emails looking for a specific one. I will be using filters in my everyday life, because it is simple and useful. I have listed below the steps I took to creating a filter on a Gmail account. This information was retrieved from the Gmail help forum at: (

Filter Steps:

  1. Click the down arrow on the search box.
  2. Enter any information that will help you sort your emails better
    1. You can make your filter as detailed as you want, so take advantage of this tool
  3. Simply press Create filter with this search
  4. More options will appear that you can choose between
  5. Press Create filter and the changes will be saved

Professional Emails

I have listed below an email I would send to my instructor if I was going to leave lab early next week. This format is professional, and this is useful for students who are emailing their professors.


Dear, Professor Hossain

I am enjoying your CA: 260-703 Digital Writing and Production course. Unfortunately, I have a doctor’s appointment and will have to leave next week’s lab early. I would like to schedule an appointment with you to review the material I will miss. Please let me know if that is okay with you. I appreciate your help and dedication.

Kind Regards,

Madison Franklin


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