Website Accessibility

After watching the video, reading the assigned texts, and completing the lab I feel confident I can create an accessible website. I plan to have a simple website design, which can be accessed by different kinds of users. My images will be relevant, but the website will be easy to understand without them.

The following information is from the video, Tips to Make your Website Accessible, by System Concepts for World Usability.

Website Accessibility Tips:
1. Don’t assume all your users will see your website content in the colors, format, size and layout that was originally intended.

It is important to remember that many disabled users remove images. In addition, blind people use a screen reader to learn the content of the page. However, if the code is not correct, the information will not be interpreted correctly.

Image result for how a blind person uses a computer

Website accessibility for the visually impaired.

2. Simplify navigation and consider keyboard only users.

One must keep the page simple, and easy to navigate for all users.

3. Include captions for video content, for those with hearing impairments.

These captions should provide detail of the speaker, and be easy to understand. This is particularly helpful to users with hearing and learning impairments.

4. Audio should not be played automatically on entry to a page.

This causes confusion, and people will leave the site. Playing audio automatically will stress the user, especially when multiple videos play at once.

5. Use suitable language and content for your audience

It is important to keep it simple. This will help users with learning disabilities, and it will widen your target audience.

Another example of accessibility not discussed in this module would be the importance of quality information. While it is necessary to make the information easy to understand, it is equally important to have accurate and updated information.




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