Labor Day Every Day

Labor Day

Why can’t every Monday be Labor Day? It was wonderful not waking up to my alarm screaming on Monday morning. I honestly think I could get used to a life without Monday’s. This Labor Day, I drove out to Georgetown. My boyfriend and I spent the day riding in the golf cart, which was 100% better than working.

On Campus Employment

I am a campus operator at the University of South Alabama and I love my job for many reasons. First, we did not have to work on Labor Day. Second, someone usually buys doughnuts on Friday’s. I encourage all students to apply for an on campus job. The employers are very understanding and believe that school work is important. Also, I have become more involved on campus, since I am at the University of South Alabama every day.

Professional Sales and Marketing Club

This week I joined the Professional Sales and Marketing Club. I attended a lecture and met the other students in the club. I enjoyed the team building activities and I am excited about continuing the semester in this club. We will be doing service projects, while learning more about the growing career opportunities in Marketing.


This week I have explored the University of South Alabama. I finally went into the bookstore, and found the computer lab. I am really enjoying my junior year, and all of my courses. This is the first semester where I have classes with the same students, because I am beginning to take my upper level major requirements.


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