Designing a Website

My Website

I recently sat down with some pens, colored pencils, and paper. After staring at the blank page for some time, I finally began to create my website. I have decided to place my name in the center of the homepage, with my major below. The purpose of my website is to inform my readers about my experience as a University of South Alabama student, and to share my goals for the future. I designed my homepage with light colors and a simple graphic. After this process I learned that there are SO many possibilities! It is exciting to be able to use my creativity to design a website for my readers.

Tips and Tricks

After watching the video,“How to Design a Killer Homepage”, I learned many tips about the organization of website design.

  1. Table of Content– The homepage should be a preview of the entire website. The table of contents should clearly layout the main sections of the website.
  2. Scrollable– Dividing your website into sections, so it is easy to scroll through. This is important, because readers scroll through a website to determine if they are interested.
  3. Defines your role– The goal of the website is clear. It clearly defines what YOU can do for your reader.
  4. Engagement Media– The website should contain images that are visually interesting and cause the reader to engage in the website.
  5. No Flash– being flashy is not the goal. The website should be easy to use.

After reading, “Organizing Website Content” by Jordan Dick, I learned that landing pages are necessary for a functional website. Without landing pages, the homepage becomes crowded. Readers will not be able to understand the information if it is not organized.  Also, an “About” page is necessary for my website. This is one of the most viewed pages, and I need to make sure that my website contains one.


After this week’s lab, readings, and videos I noticed a common theme. In order to have a good website, I must be ORGANIZED.





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