Junior Status


Back to School Already?

These first two weeks of classes have been INSANE. I am taking 18 hours of courses, which may be part of the problem. However, the more I get into my major classes I find myself enjoying the coursework. I am especially enjoying my Marketing 350 course, which focuses on Internet Marketing. I am in direct competition with my classmates on Stukent’s website. In this course I have been given a budget for an advertisement campaign for a pretend company. This course is helping me gain some experience on working in different fields after graduation and it makes me very excited about the future.

My communication courses are also interesting. I have never been very good with technology, so I am grateful for courses that require me to use different forms of communication. In my CA 220 course I am learning many grammatical rules that will help strengthen my writing style. This is the first semester that I have had classes with the same group of people. I really enjoy the smaller classes, especially when there are familiar faces in them. This semester promises many group projects, and that makes me a little nervous. However, in the workforce I will be working with different groups of people, so this will be great practice for me.

This semester is shaping up to be enjoyable and stressful. However, I am looking forward to establishing relationships with my professors and faculty. This is my second year at the University of South Alabama and this intimidating campus is finally starting to feel like home!


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