Dos and Dont’s

After reading the article, The 12 Dos and Don’ts of Writing a Blog, by Brain Kelms, I learned many helpful tips that I will apply to my future blog posts.

The Dos of Blogging:

  • Focus

In this particular course I will focus on analyzing the material presented in class and in the textbook. The article listed focus as the first step in creating a successful blog. Therefore, I believe that a clear understanding of the requirements of this course will help me to focus on what kinds of material to blog about. In my career field I can apply this tool daily. Whether I am writing a blog or not, it is important for me to present my information in a way that I can reach my target audience. It is important for me to be confident in whatever information I am presenting, and to have a common theme in my work.

  • Relatable

In this course I will make sure that the information I present is relatable to my readers. I know that my target audience is my classmates, and the vast majorities are majoring in communications. Therefore, I will produce blogs that focus on presenting the material covered in the course using a relaxed writing style. In the future, I will need to be relatable in any work situation. It is important for clients to feel comfortable and for the information I am presenting to affect them in some way. Therefore, I may need to change the tone of my writing, but my own experiences will still need to shine through.

The Don’ts of Blogging:

  • Grammatical Errors

I’ll be honest, grammar is not my strong point. As a result, I must proof read my work very carefully. In this course, bad grammar will result in a lower grade. But, in the workforce bad grammar will make me look unintelligent, and my readers will not take me seriously.

  • Long Paragraphs

In this course and in the workforce writing long paragraphs can be overwhelming to my readers. Therefore, I must make a conscious effort to be direct with the information I am providing. When a reader, or client is reviewing my work I want the purpose to be clear.


I want my readers to enjoy my blog. Therefore, I need to make sure that it is easy to read. I will do this by having the information divided into sections, with a heading for each. I will make my blog memorable and worthwhile to my audience by providing them with personal stories.


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