Me, Myself, and Blogging

About Me:

Living in Mobile, Alabama all of my life has taught me a few things. First, the south lives up to its reputation of good hospitality, and it really is unbearably hot all year long. While the weather may not be ideal for some, the constant rain and heat does not bother me anymore. I come from a very large family with FOUR brothers and one sister. Needless to say, my house is anything but quiet. I will admit that I am the “typical” college student who enjoys Netflix and big t-shirts.

My siblings: Chase, Collins, Cooper, Eli, and Ella

What is a Blog?

This summer I traveled to England, Scotland, Wales, and France with the University of South Alabama. On this trip I was required to blog about my readings and experiences for one of my courses. Reflecting on my previous blog, I would say that the purpose of a blog is to share personal experiences with an endless variety of readers. I have read the blogs of my previous classmates, because it was a requirement of the course. I greatly enjoyed learning of what my fellow classmates thought about our daily excursions in Europe.

Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

Blogging in my Field:

Blogs are a very powerful tool in today’s society. It is common for people across the world to view multiple blogs each day. In my potential profession a blog could be used to advertise an event my company is promoting. It could also be used to update the general public on the purpose of my company. While I am not entirely sure where I will be working after I graduate, I am certain blogging will be a part of my career.

Weekly Reading:

When it came to creating a website for this course, I used my textbook, Web Design, by Sean McManus to help me begin this process. First, I had to determine the purpose of my website. After reading the text, I determined the purpose of my website is to build new relationships with my peers, educate my readers on web design, and to entertain my readers with stories of my personal experiences as a University of South Alabama Communications student (McManus, 2016, p. 24-25).

In Summary:

I am extremely excited to begin this course, and learn more about designing a website. I am even more excited that this course will get me one step closer to GRADUATION. One of my strengths is communicating my ideas with others orally. This course will help me sharper my ability to communicate with others through different forms of media and that will greatly benefit me in the world today.


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